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Sogard Loses Grip as Giants Slip Away 4-1

Gio Gonzalez looked sharp, with a diving curveball and good velocity on his fastball. Unfortunately, so did Barry Zito, as he scattered four hits, allowing one run. But as good as both starting pitchers were, the decision came down to the bullpen. Or, more specifically, the defense.

In the top of the seventh inning with men on 1B and 2B with one out, Pablo Sandoval hit a tailor-made double play ball to the shortstop. SS Andy LaRoche fielded the ball and threw it to 2B Eric Sogard for one out. Sogard turned and fired...into the Giants dugout. And not just over the head of Daric Barton, no no. He shot that ball so far to the right that it might have been closer to home plate than first base. Mark DeRosa scored on the play, giving the Giants a 2-1 lead, which they wouldn't give up.

We do it again, this time at AT&T Park at 12:45 PM.