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Open Thread: Game -2 (San Francisco Giants at Oakland Athletics)

Believe it or not, we're just about done with meaningless baseball. The A's are hosting the Giants in Game 2 of the Bay Bridge Series, the penultimate tuneup before the season. Tonight? Old versus new. Zen versus fire. Soft-tossing lefty with a ten-inch curveball versus hard-tossing lefty with a ten-inch curveball. Barry Zito versus Gio Gonzalez.

Mark Ellis was initially reported to be out with calf tightness, but Susan Slusser tweeted that "Ellis says there's absolutely nothing wrong with him" and that he was "baffled about news of calf tightness", saying that he "just needed a day off." Starting in his place is Andy LaRoche, not Eric Sogard. Could this mean that LaRoche is going to make the roster?


CF Crisp
1B Barton
RF DeJesus
LF Willingham
DH Matsui
C Suzuki
3B Kouzmanoff
2B LaRoche
SS Pennington