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Open Thread: Game -5 (Colorado Rockies vs. Oakland Athletics)

Its time to fight the mountain, as the A's start the first of two back to back games with the Rockies, and for more reminiscences about certain former A's players who are now on the Rocket's. The game starts at 7PM, so get ready to put on your night vision goggles and watch the A's through your radio!

In other news:

-A's announced that Brandon McCarthy is our new 5th Starter.
-Andrew Bailey is playing Sockball and should be pitching soon
-Tyson Ross and Bobby Cramer will be battling for the final bullpen spot (assuming multiple slots don't open up due to injuries).



CF Fowler
RF Smith
LF Patrol Craft
SS Tulowitzki
1B Arial Prieto
DH Giambi
2B Wigginton
3B Stewart
C1 Iannetta

CF Crisp
1B Staples
RF DeJesus
LF Willingham
DH Matsui
C1 Suzuki
2B Ellis
3B LaRoche
SS Pennington

Lets play ball!