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Open Thread: Game -6ish (Los Angeles Angels of LA vs. Oakland Athletics)

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!! Do you realize what this means? That's right, ONE WEEK UNTIL OPENING DAY! I hope you're all as excited as I am; I'm anxious to end the practice games and get started with the real ones. Just one week from tonight, we'll be gathered in the Coliseum parking lot in anticipation of an amazing season. Note that tailgate information is in the sidebar (thanks, Pam!). As I'm sure you've heard, Trevor Cahill has been selected as the Opening Day starter, so he will oppose Seattle's Felix Hernandez.

Today, we will listen as the A's take on the Angels, in what is a preview of many games to come this season between the two clubs. Brandon McCarthy will make his final bid for the fifth starter job in today's game; he's trying to beat out Tyson Ross, who had a very solid outing yesterday. According to Jane Lee, the fifth starter could be announced as early as after today's game.


Crisp, CF
Sweeney, RF
Willingham, LF
Matsui, DH
Kouz, 3B
Jackson, 1B
LaRoche, 2B
Powell, C
Sogard, SS