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Rainout Thread: A's @ Dodgers @ Camelback Ranch, AZ - POSTPONED! =(

Well, I just woke up here in Vegas and it seems this game is a washout, oh well.  You guys are welcome to turn this into a thread about how evil the Giants are for withholding the T-rights if you want! Or maybe a Barry Bonds On Trial thread... I sure hope he is found Guilty, Guilty, GUILTY!!!!  -ENLV


Positively McCarthyesque.


Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada!  Here is a game thread for the A's - Dodgers contest at Camelback Ranch... I think Brett Anderson is pitching but I'm not really sure.  The A's have just a week's worth of ST games to go and then it's home for the exhibition Bay Bridge Series vs. the Territorial Rights Withholding Ingracious Halloweenies, followed by games that count starting a week from this Friday night vs. Seattle.

"What's that? Enjoy the trophy because you won't sniff another until 3012? [[static]] I think this baseball-shaped telephone is messing with me... is this Barry Bonds pranking me or something?" [[disconnected]]

I dunno about you, but the f*cking Giants are starting to piss me off with this keep-the-A's-from-moving-where-they-need-to sh*t and I hope Walter Haas rises from the dead and kicks Larry Baer and Bill Neukom in their tiny, inert stones.  Anyway that's another rant-post for another time... in the meanwhile enjoy this game and if there's a lotta comments I'll post another thread.