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Open Thread: Game -28 (Cleveland Indians at Oakland Athletics)

Welcome to yet another Spring Training Game Thread; bringing us that much closer to Opening Day! GameDay can be found here for today's game, and the lineups are below, courtesy of Jane Lee.

Of course, the big news of the day is Coco Crisp's arrest (don't even get me started). The A's have made a statement:

"Coco Crisp was arrested and detained early this morning under the suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.  He was released from the City of Scottsdale Jail this morning and arrived at Phoenix Municipal Stadium on time for team pre-game drills.  The A's are aware of the situation and take such matters seriously.The team and Coco will have no further comment until further details are available."

From Jane Lee's blog:


Ellis, 2B
Suzuki, C
DeJesus, RF
Matsui, DH
Kouzmanoff, 3B
Carter, 1B
Taylor, LF
Miller, CF
Tolleson, SS
Cramer, P

Also scheduled to pitch: Tyson Ross, Josh Outman, Joe Bateman, Joey Devine, Yadel Marti, Brad Ziegler, Gabe DeHoyos, Danny Farquhar.


Brantley, CF
Nix, 2B
Hafner, DH
LaPorta, 1B
Buck, RF
Huffman, LF
Hannahan, 3B
Phillips, 2B
Everett, SS
Masterson, P

Let's go Oak-land!