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A's Beat the White Sox, 8-3

A bulleted recap of cool things from today's game (in no particular order):

  • Ryan Sweeney hit a home run.
  • Connor Jackson got some hits
  • There was a commercial for the Oakland Zoo. I love the Oakland Zoo.
  • AJ Pierzynski was booed as if it was Wrestlemania 2 and he was The Iron Sheik.
  • Josh Willingham got an infield single, legged out a double and used his smooth southern accent read to us about CPYC a bunch of times
  • Trevor Cahill had the sinker working into the 7th.
  • Josh Donaldson hit a ball off the fair pole with two runners on base.
  • Michael Wuertz pitched.
  • The A's won.
  • The sellout crowd sounded really cool.

Anything to add?