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Saturday, Random Saturday: Jeffro Strikes Back!

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Excuse the headline... I really have no one to "strike back" at or anything. I just love the scene in Clerks (if you click the link, enjoy the awesomeness of Chewbacca by Supernova) where they are debating the merit of the private subcontractor's deaths (compliments of Lando Calrissian) at the second Death Star. That, and how Dante points out that life is a series of down endings combine to make this scene in Clerks the second best scene in a Kevin Smith film, ever (Watch the opening scene of Chasing Amy if you are mistaken and think this one was the best). For the record, I love ewoks (I am not sure if Logray or Teebo is my favorite figure). Sue me.

Oh... I forgot, the "A's" are playing the "White Sox" today... Doesn't Spring Training drag at this point? Consider this the game thread for today. Curmudgeonly as it may sound, I am starting to agree with people who say Spring Training is too long. Next thing you know I will be wearing depends and drinking ensure while talking about the good old days with scorn for youth wasted on the young.

If this is the game thread, I guess I will need to talk about the game a bit. Today's game is a repeat of yesterday's, only the A's will wear white pants and the White Sox probably won't score 437 runs. And somebody different will pitch (Trevor Cahill). And someone you have hardly heard of will be playing somewhere in the field around about the 7th inning (Maybe sooner? These guys have to be tired after yesterday's shellacking). Oh wait, that isn't different.

Lineup (via the Oakland A's Twitter Account):

Sweeney CF, Barton 1B, Willingham LF, Matsui DH, Jackson RF, Ellis 2B, Kouz 3B, Powell C, Sogard SS, Cahill P

Some randomness below the jump

Being the father of three young girls, I am quite familiar with the Disney Princesses (no, not the team in red that plays in Anaheim, but that is a good one). I have never wanted to be a character from one of those movies more than yesterday afternoon. Ursula, the Sea Witch. If I could have a little shell and steal Ken Korach's voice and use it for my very own... I'd be hard pressed not to. I may even give it to Ray Fosse to see if those interviews became more tolerable with a golden throat asking horrible questions.

Speaking of the World's Greatest Interview Mangler, did you hear there is gonna be a Ray Fosse Bobblehead Day this year? I am really interested to see if this is Ray the Broadcaster or Ray the Catcher. I think I prefer the Broadcaster. This got me thinking... Last year, I took the princesses to Andrew Bailey Bobblehead Day and I turned the trip into a bit of an experiment. This year, in my 22 game package, I made sure to get both Rickey Henderson and MC Hammer Bobblehead Days. The question is, which will be worth more on Ebay and will they combine to go for enough to cover a significant part of my season ticket package? Any guesses?

Lastly, and completely unrelated to anything, did you know that MGM has filmed a remake of Red Dawn? WOLVERINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have an awesome Saturday.... We are two weeks away from opening night!