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A's Lose and Lose Big; White Sox Drop 18 on A's Hurlers

In what we all hope is not a preview of the upcoming season, the A's lose a laugher today by the embarrassing score of 18-1. To make matters worse, the A's only managed four hits and a single RBI (Willingham). Not that it mattered; the A's offense could have scored 17 runs and still lost, thanks to the disastrous pitching performances of Bobby Cramer (8 ER), and Yadel Marti (6 ER), and the lackluster performances of Josh Outman (2 ER) and Jerry Blevins (2 ER).

Despite the bullpen injuries, Blevins still might find himself out of a spot; he's sporting an 11+ ERA through Spring Training, and Josh Outman's bid for the fifth starter spot out of camp will likely be thwarted; his ERA is not much better.

The A's are still in the process of shaping the rosters for the year; a few questions still remain. None of them were answered today.