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Open Thread: Spring Training - A's vs. Cubs

Greetings from the Cactus League! My trip to Phoenix to see the games Thursday-Sunday comes with a variety of good news and bad news...

The good news: My upcoming posts will be "on the scene," with recaps that include eyeball analysis, player/coach quotes, and more!

The bad news: These posts may not be "on time" so please bear with me if, for example, today's recap is not up especially promptly. I'll try to make sure it's posted by November, 2014.

The bad news: The A's appear to have carefully reconstructed their rotation to make sure that Trevor Cahill managed, against all odds, to pitch Friday, which was the only scenario in which my scheduled interview with him could not be executed.

The good news: I've been told that if Friday doesn't work, I can catch him (not in a Landon Powell, "Here, throw your best sinker and I won't let it cream me in the face" sense) on Saturday. So we should, hopefully, be good to go on that.

The bad news: My plane probably crashed in between writing this Wednesday morning and now. At least I always assume this to be the case until the plane somehow lands on the intended runway.

UPDATE: Good news: It didn't. Enjoy the game! Gio Gonzalez goes for the A's against Ryan Dempster.