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Open Thread: Game -15 Times Two (Chicago Cubs at Oakland Athletics, Oakland Athletics at Kansas City Royals)

Some more split-squad action headed your way, as half of the A's travel to Surprise, AZ to take on the Royals. Meanwhile, Oakland's better half will host half of the Cubs at Phoenix Muni. The Cubs game will feature Brett Anderson, who has been absolutely filthy so far this month (11.93 K/9, 3.26 BB/9). Traveling with the Royals will be Brandon McCarthy, who has dropped his four-seam fastball for a sinker. He hasn't been striking out very many, but he has gotten twice as many ground outs as air outs, with sparkling control (0 BB in 8 IP).

vs. Cubs (SP Brett Anderson)

CF Crisp
1B Barton
LF Willingham
DH Matsui
C Suzuki
RF Sweeney
3B Kouzmanoff
2B Timmons
SS Sogard

@ Royals (SP Brandon McCarthy)

SS Pennington
2B Ellis
RF DeJesus
1B Jackson
LF Carter
3B LaRoche
DH Powell
C Donaldson
CF Choice

First pitches are at 1:05 PDT.