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Open Thread, 3.14: A's @ Native Americans in Arizona @ (I think) 1pm (but it might be noon, who knows?)


The Big Picture: It's A's Day on MLB Network, sort of.  Grab some π!

Recker? Why, we haven't even been introduced!

Spring Training continues this afternoon as the Athletics, fresh from a 9-4 thrashing of the Colorado Rockies that saw Hideki Matsui hit his first A's HR directly over an "Eat More Sushi" sign on the outfield wall, take on the Cleveland Indians in a game that will be (allegedly) televised on MLB Network.  Dallas Braden goes vs. Justin Masterson.  Following the game MLBN will carry the A's edition of  "30 Clubs in 30 Days" -- essentially a preview of the 2011 season that is supposed to feature a Q&A with #51 (maybe they will ask him the question I posted to Facebook, hmmm) -- followed by the latest installment of their "20 Greatest Games of All Time" show, tonight featuring #10, which is Game 1 of the (gag) 1988 World Series, with special guests (YAY) Dave "Stare" Stewart and (gag) Kirk "I still don't f*ing believe what I just f@*&ing saw" Gibson.

Only 18 more days 'til Opening Day!!!