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Cat Kiss League Action: Hotties & Mariners!!!!!

Hiyeeeeee everyone...It's me, Cindi!!!!! Zonis is taking a final today and so I get to open the thread game thingy!!! Actually, what I offered was that I was going to take his final for him so he could do the game, but the directions he gave me to his final totally seem to take me to like an abandoned warehouse, so I'm not sure what's up with that and neither is the really not-so-good-smelling doorman who kind of seems to live there.

Anyway, who named a baseball league "Cat Kiss"? What is that about??? So our Hotties are playing the Seattle Mariners and pitching for us...Super-hottie even though I've never heard of him but he seems really hot: Guillermo Moscone!!!!! Let's hope he throws really well! And good luck on the final, Zonis. Just remember: On short-answer questions, the answer is usually "b"!!!