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Gio Rocks, Anderson & Balfour Not So Much, As A's Fall 7-6

Fun fact #1: Brett Anderson and Grant Balfour, who conspired to give up a whopping 7 runs and 11 hits in 3 combined innings, also combined to throw 32 pitches, 28 strikes.

Fun fact #2: Gio Gonzalez, proving that at least some of the pitchers are ahead of the hitters, faced 6 batters in 2 perfect innings, and struck out 5.

Fun fact #3: The A's are in mid-season form with their teAse, scoring 2 in the 8th and 2 in the 9th to fall "just short" for the second day in a row.

Fun fact #4: There is no fun fact #4.

Fun fact #5: Trevor Cahill turns 23 today. Happy birthday, ya big pterodactyl!

Fun fact #6: This thread will only be as entertaining as you make it...