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AN Plans For The Season and A Call For Opening Day

So, with Spring Training less than a month away (I KNOW!), it's time again to start thinking about some AN get-togethers over the season. If you are a NRAF ("non-resident A's fan", for our new posters), there is no better year to attend Opening Day (and weekend) than this one. The A's open the season at home against the Mariners on April 1st, which also happens to be a Friday night. A quick Southwest search pulls up the following ticket options to Oakland for the weekend:

From Dallas: $189 each way
From Seattle: $79 each way
From Los Angeles: $89 each way
From New York: $184 each way
From Kansas CIty: $179 each way

April 1
Nothing except the playoffs beats the energy at the Coliseum on Opening Day. It's a magical time of year, when anything is possible; the A's haven't even lost a game. If you haven't come out to an opener before, you really should this year. Book a ticket. There are inexpensive hotels lining the streets outside the stadium and the airport is less than five minutes away, as well. Hundreds of Oakland ANers would be glad to help you plan a trip.

And if you like giveaways, how about a magnetic schedule, a pet calendar, and a Matsui T-shirt, all in one weekend? Is anyone considering a batch of group tickets for Opening Day, and is anyone tailgating?

April 25
For my Southern California A's fans, the Angels let me know that they would be delighted to host another AN gathering this season. The first time the A's are in town is at the end of April; mid-week. They come back mid-week in May, and believe it or not, don't return to Anaheim until the last weekend of the season. So April 25-27 looks to be a good week to leave early from work. I would also like to host an A's party this year; either at home, or at a bar, like we used to do. Is anyone close enough to the Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena area to make it for a game?

June 24
There are concrete plans in place for the A's trip to Philadelphia should you be interested in seeing the greatest pitching staff ever assembled play the A's for a weekend. Post in the thread if you'd like more information about this weekend event.

AN Day(s)
Although we didn't get an "inside" one last year, we are going to plan one this year, taking over the BBQ terrace at the Coliseum. Is there any opponent you want to see, or any date you think would be best? Usually, this game is on a Saturday, to include as many NRAFs as possible. The second AN Day will be a tailgate, which the lovely and talented BBQ'er with the mostest (and the best bacon-wrapped scallops on the planet!) has planned in the past. Any dates we should keep open?

I'm excited about 2011 and the new possibilities. Stay tuned for the obligatory "Assemble your own 25 man roster" posts, coming soon, but until then, BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS for Opening Day!