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Time to Start ANew

Good morning, AN’ers, and welcome to A’s baseball.

When we last saw our beloved team on the diamond, Craig Breslow was inducing a harmless fly ball off the bat of Ichiro Suzuki.  As the ball settled into the glove of Gabriel Jordan Gross, the A’s has secured a four-game sweep of Seattle to finish exactly where they started- and were often seen throughout the rollercoaster ride that was the 2010 season- at .500.

Today begins the journey to bigger and better things, and if history has taught us one thing about the Athletics, it is that greatness doesn’t happen over night.  No, there is usually that one season where they sort of sneak into the conversation, and the next October there’s a champagne bath.


Kind of how the A’s went from so-so in ’87 to so awesome in ’88.  Bad example?  Probably.  But it’s not even March, so I am allowed to fantasize a bit.


The cynics will say, "Ok, but since when is history a sustainable trait?"  To which I reply, "Hush you, and quit hogging the bacon!"  Get it?  Quit "hogging" the…?  Never mind.


There has been talk that this year’s A’s can become last year’s…um, who won the Series again? But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.  Here, by the way, is Arizona, the Athletics’ home for the next month or so.  The veterans will work out some kinks, open spots will be fought for, and ZigFan31 will teach a group of noob’s proper stalking etiquette. 


And all of AN will pray no one gets hurt.  What?  Too late?  Oh.


In less than two hours, the A’s will take the field.  There will be a thread. Perhaps two.  No more speculating, it’s time to start doing.  It’s time for gold unis.  It’s time for bacon-wrapped anything and chocolate martini’s.


It is time once again for A’s baseball.