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Vegas Odds Of Nico Interviewing Trevor Cahill: 80%

I'm set for a "10-minute sit down" with Trevor Cahill on Friday, March 18th...unless Cahill happens to be pitching that day. Cahill will pitch in the Cactus League opener on Sunday, February 27th. IF Cahill stays on an "every 5th day" schedule for the next 3 weeks, he will throw again on...March 4th...March 9th...March 14th...March 19th. YES! Unless things change.

So assuming I have a chance to ask Cahill a few questions, here's your chance to suggest questions you'd like to hear him answer. I mostly rely on listening, and asking follow-up questions, to form the meat of my interviews, but it's always great to know what "starter questions" (pun intended) you might like as the framework for our conversation. If it happens.

Also, don't worry: I'm arranging for the entire A's infield to be present for the interview, so as to improve Cahill's answers.