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A Question For AN, And A Few Stats

Good Don may be along shortly with a real post, we'll see. Meanwhile...

The question: When I am down at spring training March 17th-20th, I plan to ask the appropriate coaches about whether they position the middle infielders any differently behind Trevor Cahill given Cahill's pterodactyl-like wing span. But let's face it -- for four days and 646 miles, if that's all I come home with you should wonder why I'm paid $800,000/year to run AN (it's actually "$8.53 per comment on meta," but $800K is what it comes out to annually). So my question is: If I could interview one person while I'm at spring training, who would you want it to be (and what would you like me to focus on)?

Now jump for some random stats you can discuss or not.

* 119 players filed for arbitration this year. Only 3 actually had arbitration hearings (Hunter Pence and Ross Ohlendorf won, Jered Weaver lost).

* In this morning's San Francisco Chronicle, Scott Ostler reports that Joba Chamberlain has reported to camp having gained "30-ish pounds."

* The Florida police, more exact with their stats, report that Miguel Cabrera, already a big guy, gained a .26% blood alcohol level before driving, getting caught, and drinking scotch in front of the officer (a mistake I'll never make twice).

Carry on until you see signs of Good or Evil Don...