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Gameday Giveaways

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Every time I look around I am reminded of the A’s. The reason? Because I was the proud recipient of a gameday giveaway at an Oakland A’s game. In addition to the foul balls, including one two innings before the following event, the A’s gave me vision for the future. That’s right, the A’s gave me free LASIK.

As some on AN will remember, a few years ago the A’s were playing the Seattle Mariners. That season, the A’s were doing a promotion sponsored by the Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley. By entering a drawing at the beginning of each home game, you could have a chance to win free Laser eye surgery. With my 20 Game Fielder’s Choice plan in hand, I headed off to the ballpark with my father for my ~17th game of the season, and for the free giveaway that was happening on that day.



We realize then that our seats (section 215, Row 5, Seat 8) were in the sun, and seeing how it was hot, and we didn't want to bake in the sun till game time, we go up and sit in the shade of 214. Game time arrives, and the people who's seat it belongs to arrive, and we go over and sit in the row in front, but across the isle in 215. Suzuki hits his triple, things aren’t going very well, and Richie Sexson eventually comes up.

And it happened. A foul ball, right to me, soft as could be. I got ready, braced, and caught the soft line drive in my chest, with the man in the seat over trying to crawl over my father and grab the ball out of my hands. No injuries on my part, except for almost getting choked to death. But I got it! My first MLB foul ball, caught on my own. (I say first MLB foul ball, because I had previously caught one in North Carolina at a Mudcats game years previous.)

Everything went awesome, and in the next few innings, Chavy hits his solo and we're tied.

Fast forward to the bottom of the 5th inning. Ever since I have woken up this morning and still going on now, I have been sneezing like hell. Can't stop it at all. I get up, and start to head off to get some more tissues, when I realize that the Lasik drawing is going to pop up. Now, I always wait with anticipation, always listen and sigh, but I decided to stop, walk down the stairs a bit, and listen again.

And again, it happened. "And today's winner of a free Lasik procedure is... SHANE HIGGINBOTHAM!"

YEAH! I yelled, and pumped my fist. Two in a row, it happened. Foul ball AND won the Lasik drawing. People came up to congratulate me, and begged me for an opinion on which stock to buy, or what #'s they should pick for the lotto.

Every year the A’s have a slew of Gameday Giveaways. It puts butts in the seats, and motivates hordes of school children to attend the game (whether those items end up on EBay after the game is another story). Well, the Promotional Schedule is out for 2011, so let’s take a look at the games of interest for you souvenir hunters. (P.S. pick up an extra for the NRAF’s in your life).

Sun, Apr 3
1:05 pm


·         Hideki Matsui T-Shirt
Presented By Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition | 10,000 fans

A Godzilla T-Shirt presented by Street Fighter IV? Sugoi! Now that sounds like a lot of fun!

Sat, Apr 30
1:05 pm


·         Rickey Henderson Bobblehead
Presented By Kingsford Capital Management | 15,000 fans

What’s better than a Godzilla T-Shirt? Rickey bobbing his head at the stolen base record, that’s what!

Fri, Jul 15
7:05 pm


·         Dog Day at the Park | Visit Page Open in a new window
Presented By AvoDerm Natural

Pooches are awesome, and so are dogs too…. And the A’s… put them together, and you have awesome. I’m sure Nico will be in attendance, too.

Sun, Jul 17
1:05 pm


·         MC Hammer Bobblehead/’80s Day
Presented By Supercuts | 15,000 fans

I can’t think of anything to describe MC Hammerpants against the Angels.

Sat, Aug 13
1:10 pm


·         Ray Fosse Bobblehead
Presented By Comcast SportsNet California | 10,000 fans

Followed by Pete Rose Gambling Day.

So now that you have the list, go, grab, and send to the NRAF’s… =]

What’s your favorite Giveaway day? Is it the fleece blanket on a cold day or the jersey on a hot one? Do you have any great Gameday Giveaway stories to tell? Tell us below in the comments!