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Open Thread: Spring Training Day 4 - Who Is Going To Play Shortstop?'re irreplaceable. No, I mean you ARE. We have no backup.'re irreplaceable. No, I mean you ARE. We have no backup.

Happy Friday, everyone! The countdown to the official Friday night game threads has begun; we're looking at just a few more short weeks. As for Spring Training, we have a few updates:

Rich Harden has been shut down. I wanted to write a Mad Lib about this this morning and have everyone fill it out, but it's almost too easy. Harden is hopeful that he'll be back on the mound in "weeks", but I'm calling him officially out of the running for the fifth starter position, and also a starting bullpen slot. So who is going to pitch every fifth day for the A's?

The time to start panicking about the shortstop position is now. From Susan Slusser's Twitter this morning:

Considering that Pennington is coming off left shoulder surgery, ability to play SS might be a major consideration.

Sogard is the only backup infield candidate on the 40-man roster. Horton is probably the best SS of the bunch.

This is NOT good. Rosales is nowhere near ready coming off his injury, so if Pennington can't go, we are looking at a huge hole. How would you fix this? Who do you think even has a chance?

Hope you all have a wonderful day. Think good thoughts for Pennington's health.