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Oakland Mayor Sets Press Conference for Noon

So, fun couple of days, huh? The A's still have no money and no bats, and the best player in baseball is in my backyard, playing for the team I loathe the most. I will say that it does make it a lot more fun to root against C.J. Wilson; however.

Today's headline from the Mercury News:

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said today she is going to reveal the plans for "Coliseum City" -- a sports and entertainment complex -- and the Warriors are excited about the potential.

"I think they're just open and they're intrigued," Quan said. "They're intrigued by the overall idea of Coliseum City and that's something San Francisco can't offer them."

Quan has a press conference set for noon to unveil the city's plans for the new complex, which would include a new homes for Oakland's teams in the current Coliseum Complex.

What does this mean for the A's? The Warriors? And where are the Raiders in all of this?