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Albert Pujols Signs with Los Angeles Angels; C.J Wilson Also Joins the Monkey Crew

UPDATE: C.J. "I Hate Oakland" Wilson has also now reportedly signed with the LAAAAAAA as well. Go Rangers!

Yes, the best player in baseball now resides at the stadium about seven miles from my house. And the reaction is predictable from around the blogosphere. Angels fans are, well, thrilled. Ranger fans, not so much. Me being a glass is half full type of person (my wife would say I'm lying through my teeth on that one), I look at it this way. Pujols is allegedly 32 and his contract would run through his 42 birthday. The Angels also still have Vernon Wells and Torii Hunter to pay for. And Pujols can be a fragile guy. By the time the A's actually get competitive again...think Miami Marlins heading into their new stadium this season...Pujols will have probably three or four more years on him and be around 36. Now Pujols could be Bondsian in that he ages better than anyone expects but the A's should likely be on the rise when hopefully the Angels will be on the other side of that curve.

Course that means we still have to endure the next 3-4 torturous years. Half full, Blez, half full.