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Winter Meetings Open Thread: Day 2

Sure, the first day of the Winter Meetings wasn't all that eventful, but we did get to see a mammoth FA signing (Jose Reyes to the Marlins for six years, $106MM). In A's news, be sure to follow Susan Slusser on Twitter to get the latest news as it breaks. A small Slusser selection from yesterday (link to her Twitter feed here):

Melvin says that the door is open to bringing Matsui back but it sounds like it would be late in process. #Athletics

Melvin says Choice and Green could be in the big leagues this season if they continue to progress. #Athletics

Billy Beane on A's popularity at winter meetings: "I feel like the hottest prom date." #Athletics

Beane emphasizes again that the #Athletics aren't shopping players, but they're willing to listen.

Beane doesn't sound as into possibility of Matsui returning as Melvin did; he thinks DH spot can be filled by #Athletics younger players.

Discuss away. And a quick reminder: be sure to cite and link any quotes from reporters as they come in throughout the day. Their hard work deserves to be credited.