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Giants Will Fight A's Possible Move to San Jose

Well, so much for the new plan being a simple one. According to SF Gate and Susan Slusser this morning, the Giants aren't going to give up the territorial rights to Santa Clara County without a fight.

From Susan:

Officials from both the A's and Giants are prohibited by MLB Commissioner Bud Selig from discussing the A's stadium situation, but Magowan, who still owns a small stake in the Giants, said that he is entirely up to date on the issue and that he does not believe that the A's will be allowed to move to San Jose.

And in case you needed the reminder:

No other two-team market has territorial rights assigned. The A's gave the Giants the rights to Santa Clara County in 1993, when the Giants had their own stadium vote on the ballot in San Jose. The Giants insist that when they financed AT&T Park, all agreements with lenders were based on the team's current territorial rights, including corporate-rich Silicon Valley.

Read more:

Thanks a heap, Giants.

The article goes on to talk about the San Jose plan in the bleakest of terms; a far cry from the Christmas breaking news.