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Merry Christmas! メリークリスマス?

Merry Christmas everyone! Blez covered the obvious big A's news yesterday so I won't rehash that - also while it may make Christmas merry for some, it may not for others. For those of you who don't read Japanese, that allegedly is "Merry Christmas" in Japanese - I do not read it and am putting my entire faith into Mountain View based Google (will they be in our new territory?) that it is correct because the only A's news left uncovered by Blez' post yesterday is that the A's are one of four teams talking to Hisashi Iwakuma.

If you have forgotten who he is, he is the pitcher the A's went after last offseason bidding the highest posting fee, yet failing to come to terms with him, thereby sending him back to his Rakuten Golden Eagles. Apparently the A's are talking to him again, can't see why now that he is a free-agent he'd have much interest in talking to Oakland whom he felt was not offering him enough money just 12 months ago, but they are talking. Likewise, I don't exactly see why Oakland would when in rebuilding mode want to sign him, and I don't buy into the "opening the season in Japan" argument as you don't sign players for two day long events.

There is the news so now let's keep this short and sweet - happy holidays to all, if for one day of the year we can keep the comments cordial let today be the day (and Opening Day too, so two days a year people). Hope everyone has a good holiday!