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MLB Network's Clubhouse Confidential and Other Hot Topics

I know it was posted as a FanPost, but I thought it was worth sharing again. MLB has released the feel-good moment of my lifetime as an A's fan; the video footage of the Hatteberg homerun that sent the A's to 20 in a row. How can you watch that and not smile? Well, of course, until you hear "The A's, frontrunners in the AL West...". Do you think we'll ever hear that again?

There's been an update on Ryan Braun's situation. According to Sports Illustrated, despite Braun's test likely being the highest amount ever recorded:

Shortly after news of the test came out on Saturday, Braun's spokesman said in a statement that "there are highly unusual circumstances surrounding this case which will support Ryan's complete innocence."

Anyone have any idea at all what this could entail?

So I was watching the MLB network a couple of days ago when they asked this trivia question: Do you know who had the highest single season WAR for a position player in his age-40 season or later?

My head snapped up; surely they didn't say WAR; I must have heard "gritty" or "clutchy" wrong. But no, it was an actual question (and the answer is in their Twitter feed (CHConfidential)). We're talking WAR, OPS, BABIP; they are going back decades and analyzing awards and players based on the new statistics. It's amazing.

From their MLB page:

With sabermetrics continually at the forefront of baseball conversations, Clubhouse Confidential serves as an open forum to discuss and debate the day's news and moves using modern statistical research and value projection. Segments like "High Heat," "The Showdown" and "It's Not What You Think" welcome differing opinions with pointed questions, going against conventional wisdom to reach conclusions in the new age of baseball analytics.

Has anyone else seen this show?

Here's a few more fun questions from Twitter:

How many MVP awards SHOULD Babe Ruth have won?

Based on WAR, Babe Ruth should have won the AL MVP 12 times.

Who was the last pitcher to lead the majors in WAR over a single season?

Pedro Martinez was the last pitcher to lead the majors in WAR over a single season with a WAR of 8.3 in 1999.

Anyway, check it out.

Finally, are there any great A's-related presents out there for Christmas? Share yours.