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SF Gate: San Jose City Council votes to extend land option to A’s

Our very own Susan Slusser provides the latest details regarding the A's stadium quandary in yesterday's Drumbeat. According to the article:

[T]he A’s took another incremental step in their quest for a new stadium in San Jose today when the San Jose City Council voted 10-1 to approve extending a land purchase option to the team.


San Jose is granting the A’s a two-year option to buy about five acres of land downtown, near HP Pavilion and the Diridion Station. The option will cost the A’s $50,000, and there is a $25,000 option for a third year. At any point during that time - presumably only if and when MLB gives approval for such a move - the team may then purchase the land for $6.98 million.

There are a lot of interesting details in the article; about Lew Wolff's possible interest in the Dodgers, his interest in San Jose, and something I didn't know: No other two-team market has designated territorial rights.

For those of you who know the stadium situation well, any thoughts on the update? Is this potential good news for the A's as a franchise? Do the A's have any other options but the San Jose angle right now? What are your thoughts?