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David DeJesus Signs with the Chicago Cubs

Well that was a crappy year in Oakland. I just told Al Yellon, who runs our Cubs site, good luck with him, I just hope he remembers to pack his bat when he heads to Chicago because he left it in Kansas City.

Could this be like another former Royal who had one miserable year in Oakland and then went on to star for a struggling franchise that hadn't won a World Series and was cursed? We shall see. DeJesus had the worst year of his career offensively in Oakland (how many times are we going to say THAT phrase?). And he is someone that a lot of SABR-oriented GMs have pursued for a while. He did have a career .360 OBP until last year.

He wasn't in Oakland long enough to get attached and this is likely the first of a few different outfielders to sign elsewhere this offseason. As A's fan, get ready because the exodus is just beginning.