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So, I Take It Santa is not Visiting the A's This Year?

It's never a good sign to see the A's in a MLB story. Other teams get headlines like, "The Cardinals Win The World Series! Go Crazy, People, Go Crazy!" and the A's get headlines like, "Free-agent spending on hold for Beane, A's". I'm guessing that the A's aren't signing Albert Pujols in the off-season, then.

The low-lights from Jane Lee last week:

In the event a stadium is approved for the A's, the team would immediately begin pouring money into player development and scouting in order to build a contending team that would be ready to christen its new home in three or four years.

For now, though, spending isn't much of an option for the A's, who will simply be forced to continue playing the waiting game despite hopes of improving upon a disappointing 2011 season that brought about a meek offensive showing.

Silver lining, anyone?

Oh, and to add insult to injury, I logged into Facebook yesterday and 95.7 The Game had this to say:

Does Josh Willingham have a future with the A's? "My best guess is he will probably sign a three-year deal, and probably not with Oakland," agent Matt Sosnick said.

So, there's that.

Is there anything the A's can do this off-season? Do you think there's a chance the A's will sign Willingham anyway? How about any of the other free agents (Coco Crisp, David DeJesus, Rich Harden, and Hideki Matsui)? Do we want any of them? Is there anything that can break right for the A's to have a watchable season in 2012? If the pitching can stay healthy and the pitchers actually pitch well, is it possible to win 90 games 1-0?

Make me feel better.