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Open Thread: Wilson Ramos Kidnapped

UPDATE, 8:37PST: Wilson Ramos has been rescued, is reportedly alive and well. A great ending to a horrific story. -Nico

Obviously sports are taking over the top news feeds right now with the horrifying revelations from Penn State, and the subsequent firing of legendary coach, Joe Paterno. That story alone has filled up the comments in many a blog post across all networks. 

But shocking news has broken out of Venezuela, as it appears that the Washington Nationals catcher, Wilson Ramos, has been kidnapped.

Ramos plays for the Nationals during the season, and the Winter League of his home country in the off-season. According to the accounts, he was kidnapped yesterday by four armed gunmen. According to, the FBI has yet to get involved because Ramos is not a United States citizen, and the crime did not happen in the US. They have to be invited in, and it appears that the Venezuelan authorities are handling the case.

The same article reminds us that Yorvit Torrealba's family was once kidnapped; Victor Zambrano and Ugueth Urbina's mothers were kidnapped, as well as Henry Blanco's brother. This is the first time a Major League player has been kidnapped himself.


In a joint statement issued on Thursday afternoon with Major League Baseball, the Nationals said, "Our foremost concern is with Wilson Ramos and his family, and our thoughts are with them at this time. Major League Baseball's department of investigations is working with the appropriate authorities on this matter. Both Major League Baseball and the Washington Nationals have been instructed to make no further comment."

I honestly don't know what to say about this situation (and I'm afraid I have too much to say about the Penn State one). Obviously, we wish for the safe return of Wilson Ramos.

Feel free to discuss below.