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ALCS Day Two, NLCS Day One

Let's get to the important stuff baseball fans. Who cares how many WAR any Tigers, Brewers, Cardinals or Rangers players have. Who cares about their FIP, batting average with runners in scoring position, or even for some of you RBI. All that matters after last night is one thing:

The Brewers game at 1:05PT is indoors and at 4:45PMPT when the Rangers game is to begin it calls for a 70% likelihood of rain. Not good news baseball fans. 

Yesterday's Tigers-Rangers game endured several rain delays and no one wants to see another except perhaps the Tigers and Tigers fans because a delay could perhaps allow for an extra Justin Verlander start... I am biased in this. While never a fan of the Tigers, as a Detroit native I have decided that they are officially my playoff team. I went to the first ever game at Comerica Park, if you look at the photos of the first ever pitch there is a blue dot above the "B" in "Bud Light" on the left field wall (now part of the bullpen). That blue dot, front row, is me. There I was for one of the worst games weather condition wise ever. It wasn't 75 and raining like its supposed to be in Arlington tonight. It was 34 and raining - which is just plain cruel. When a stadium opens though there is no delaying it, and if the Tigers and Rangers must play tonight hopefully it is as cruel on the Rangers.

Meanwhile in the NL the Yankees of the Midwest (St. Louis) take on the Brew Crew. Can anyone tell I want to see an all Great-Lakes World Series? The last "All-Great Lakes World Series" was way back in 1945 when the Tigers beat the Cubs. Our inland seas deserve better - some lake effect snow for the opener of the World Series would be a nice touch. The Cardinals and Brewers must be decided first and they feature a rematch of the 1982 World Series which the Cards won in seven. Brewers fans look to avenge that on a slightly smaller stage.

Starting pitchers are: Max Scherzer and Derek Holland for the Tigers-Rangers tilt and Jaime Garcia facing Zack Greinke in the Cardinals-Brewers game. Let the best teams (Detroit and Milwaukee) win!