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Do YOU Like Game 5's?!?! Well, We Have THREE!

If you like the series to go all the way, you'll be pleased with today's results. We already know that the Yankees/Tigers will be playing game 5, but both the Cardinals and the Diamondbacks rallied down 2-1 in the series to tie the series at 2 and force two winner-take-all games in the NLDS.

The Cardinals beat the unbeatable Roy Oswalt in today's game; the Phillies got on the board early in the first inning with two runs, but the Cardinals got one back in the bottom of the inning, and took the lead in the fourth. They would add two more in the sixth, and would best the Phillies 5-3, sending the series back to Philadelphia for an exciting game 5.

Meanwhile, the Diamondbacks, after their disastrous first two games, put the petal to the metal and hit another freakin' grand slam in the first inning (four slams in four home games in a row) to set the tone for today's game. (Neither starter would make it to the fourth.) Goldschmidt was up with the bases loaded in the Grand Slam tease, but he would strike out. The crowd got all sad, and then Brian Roberts really did hit one. The D-backs would pile on six more runs. The Brewers would score six of their own, but the grand slam remained the difference in the game. All in all, four homeruns were hit by the D-backs, forcing a game 5 of their own. They did not play well in Milwaukee last week, but here's to hoping that will change on Friday. (And it must be said; I hearted the announcer who not only said "grand slam" --not grand slam homerun-- BUT also said 4 RBI, not RBI's. A man after my own heart.)

So we do this crazy thing again tomorrow; the Yankees and Tigers get Prime Time billing, probably because they are the only game in town. I'm sure if other teams were playing, the Yankees would get the 10AM start. (That's for you, Pujols.) That game will be played at 5PM. Both NLDS' will be played on Friday; 2PM and 5:30PM. Look for Billy Beane: The Interview - Part 2 tomorrow morning.