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Playoffs - Day 6: Will the NLCS be decided?

Good afternoon, AN! It's pouring cats and dogs here in sunny Los Angeles (I'll be honest, it's a nice change from the 100 degree days we've had, but c'mon, can you gently set us into winter? Maybe a few cool, brisk days, instead of a monsoon?), and there isn't much else to do except go home after work and watch more baseball. Baseball, baseball, baseball.

It's game four for both of the National League Division Series, and only a few hours stand between us and knowing if they will both play Game 5's. I hope they play game 5. I want redemption for the Diamondbacks, and I'm honestly sick of how good Philadelphia is (but I love your ballpark, your city, and your fans!).

On to the games!

Philadelphia Phillies at St. Louis Cardinals - 3PM, PT (Phillies lead series 2-1)

Roy Oswalt is taking on Edwin Jackson today, as the Phillies try to wrap things up and go on to the NLCS. The Cardinals will be starting Matt Holliday; like him or hate him, he was a huge missing piece in last night's game.


Milwaukee Brewers at Arizona Diamondbacks - 6:30PM, PT (Brewers lead series 2-1)

The home crowd, and a brilliant 5-RBI performance from rookie Paul Goldschmidt combined to lift the Diamondbacks over the Brewers last night to stave off elimination. The Diamondbacks need one more win to force a game 5, and bring the series back to Milwaukee. Randy Wolf will be facing Joe Saunders.

Let's play more baseball!


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