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And then there were Seven....

Game 1 (Texas wins series 3-1)

Well, we lost one tonight. The Tampa Bay Rays fought hard, but just couldn't tie the game, or the series, and became the first team eliminated from this eight-team playoff race. Texas' advance is largely credited to the three-homerun game by Adrian Beltre. His three homeruns, combined with Kinsler's homerun to lead off the game, provided the four runs that would be enough for the Rangers to win. There's enough blame to go around for the Rays (B.J. Upton, the hat trick and a pop-up, really?), but suffice to say, the Rays' magic just ran out in October. So Texas will advance to the ALCS for the second straight year.

Game 2 (Phillies take a 2-1 lead in the series)

The Cardinals also fought valiantly, but they too were dropped in a one-run loss by the Phillies; and this game was scoreless until the seventh! The Phillies put three on the board in the seventh on a homerun by Ben Francisco, and although the Cardinals would score in the seventh and the ninth; they couldn't make up the deficit. Holliday did not play, but he did successfully pinch-hit. The Phillies will try to finish off the series tomorrow; the Cardinals will try to get to Game 5.

Game 3 (Yankees tie the series at 2)

And now it gets interesting. The Yankees, not taking too kindly to Papa Grande's threat that the series wouldn't get back to New York, stomped all over Detroit to the tune of 10-1. Okay, seriously? What kind of an idiot pokes a sleeping bear with a stick? Let's insult the Yankees with your tiny, precarious 1-game series lead. Haven't you seen Moneyball? Needless to say, Detroit's closer was not in the game today. This game was a mess. Well, more specifically, it was 4-1 going to the eighth, when the Yankees scored six. There were balks and wild pitches galore, and when it was all said and done, the Yankees get to take Detroit home. Game 5 will be played on Thursday.

Game 4 (Diamondbacks stave off elimination; Brewers lead the series 2-1)

With some help with the rookie Paul Goldschmidt and his "Oh really?! You walk the bases loaded to face me? That's mean! I'm going to hit a grandslam for my fifth RBI of the game" attitude, and Collmenter's amazing 7 inning, two hit start, the Diamondbacks recovered from a horrific Game 2 loss to pound the Brewers 8-1. They stave off elimination for one more night, and will try to force a game 5 with a win at home tomorrow.

So only the NL will play tomorrow, starting at 3PM, PT.

Stay tuned to AN first thing in the morning, because we have something awesome!

See you at 3...