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The Last Game Of The Season - GAME SEVEN!

Well, no matter what happens today, this is it; the last baseball game of the season. The Cardinals are favored; they have homefield advantage, all the momentum from last night's dramatic come-from-behind (twice!) win, and have Chris Carpenter on the mound. They also have the added bonus of Matt Holliday sitting this one out. (Cruz and Napoli are going to try it for the Rangers, even with both of their injuries.) Matt Harrison will start for the Rangers. And we have our first Game Seven in nine years; yay!

This has been an incredible series; a lot to analyze, a lot to critique, and a lot to cheer for. Let's hope the very last game lives up to the series.

Lineups: (and a HUGE thank you to BaseballPress for being there with lineups all year long, so I don't have to type them in. You're the best!)