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Game Six Gamethread. Woo.

Game six of the [yawn] St. Louis [yawn] Cardinals versus [yawn] the Texas Rang....zzzzzzzz


I've come to terms with it if the FRS win. I will be happy for Wash. I love Wash. I forget how much I love Wash, til I start thinking about him. I love Wash.

But...TLR can do no wrong in my book, either, know, whatever.

I keep thinking a World Series victory will turn Texas into Anaheim, but the reality is that they're already Anaheim, World Series or no.

Cheeseboy goes against the rookie again. This ended poorly for the Cards last time. Let's see if we can make it to seven...

Lineups from Susan Slusser. And she arranged them so neatly, too! Thanks, Susan!

By the way, Susan was elected Vice President of the Baseball Writers Association of America, and the way it works is that she will rotate into being the President in 2012, meaning she's in charge. She was already in charge in my book, but this will make it official. If you see her, tell her congratulations. She's....kind of a big deal. Plus, she still has time to make lineups for us. She. Rocks. We love her.