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Three Games on Tap for Day Three of Playoffs

Andy LaRoche has opted for free-agency and the world lets out a collective yawn. Please everyone share you favorite Andy LaRoche stories in the comments. My favorite Andy LaRoche story was there was this one time, he was at the plate, I think it was against the Orioles, I'm not sure, but all I remember was he was up there and he didn't ground into an inning ending double play. I think the guy running to second broke it up. I dunno sort of fuzzy, but whenever I think of Andy LaRoche, I think of that. Um... yeah?

On another note, it is playoff baseball time still!

At noon the Tigers take on the Yankees in Game Two of their ALDS. The Yankees lead 1-0. Freddy Garcia takes the hill for New York, Max Scherzer for Detroit.

At 2pm, televisions across America (OK fine, televisions in Arizona and Wisconsin) will switch to watch the D-Back and Brewers play Game Two of their NLDS. The Brewers lead the series 1-0. Daniel Hudson goes for AZ, Zach Greinke goes for the Brew Crew.

At 5:30pm the Philles and Cardinals square off in Philadelphia with Cliff Lee of the Phillies facing Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals.

Following in the footsteps of the other writers, I am including a poll too: at 2pm would you switch from the Yankees/Tigers to the Diamondbacks/Brewers all things being equal?

This is a trick question, you switch to the Diamondbacks and Brewers game. Why? Because when that game ends at 5pm, you can still watch the final three innings of the sure to be seven hour Yankee game!