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Why You Shouldn't Play Scrabble With Tim McCarver (Oh, and the Cardinals Won)

In what was a remarkably interesting and engaging game, the Cardinals held the Rangers to just two runs, and managed to score three of their own to take the first game of the 2011 World Series. In a bit of irony, the weakness of the bullpen that has plagued St. Louis all year long has become a tremendous strength here in the playoffs; holding Texas to just a pair of runs is a ridiculous feat.

Also ironic is that C.J. Wilson holds a bit of the responsibility for having to pitch on the road; he was the loser of the 2011 All-Star game. He would end up the loser in today's game as well; after giving up two runs in the fourth, he would put the eventual winning run on in the fifth, who would later score. Despite excellent bullpen work by the Rangers, the offense would be unable to tie the game against the Cardinals' 'pen.

Ron Washington made what I felt was a terrible call; playing a "chess match" and hoping that the Cardinals would switch pitchers, but ended up hitting Esteban German in the most pivotal point in the game (two on, two out in the seventh inning) with three better options on the bench. That was ugly. A lot of A's showing in this game, none better than Octavio Dotel.

So the series is 1-0 Cardinals; join us tomorrow night for Game 2. Same time, same place!

And if you're wondering about the headline, it refers to the best quote ever (paraphrased): "They call him Scrabble because of his last name. Well, I'll give you a 5-letter Scrabble word, S-T-R-I-K-E."