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World Series: Game 1 (Texas Rangers at St. Louis Cardinals)

Welcome to the World Series, where homefield advantage was decided by the All-Star Game: This Time It Counts, People! With the National League win, the Cardinals will be hosting tonight, and they will send Chris Carpenter out to the mound. The Rangers will be visiting, and they will counter with C.J. Wilson. Is it possible to root for a team, but not the pitcher? Or the other team, but not a certain outfielder and the manager? We'll find out who I want to win during the game. I think I'll take the previous thread's advice; you can't root for a team that has won in the last decade. So, um, go Rangers! I also have a friend who loves the Rangers, so shout out to you; I know you're reading this thread.

The game is about to start, so without further delay, I'll present the BaseballPress lineups: