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NLCS, Game 3; ALCS, Game 4

ALCS - Game 4 (Rangers lead the series 2-1)

Well, they didn't leave a lot of time for the Tigers to celebrate last night's win; they are taking the field now in Detroit as the Tigers try to tie the series at two. Needless to say, this is a big game; the difference between 2-2 and 3-1 in a seven-game series is the difference in the series, and the Tigers have no intention of letting the Rangers walk away with this one, despite two early heart-breaking losses.

NLDS - Game 3 (Series tied at 1)

Following this game (and I would like to point out that the ALCS would be played at all different times had the Yankees or Red Sox made it through, but I digress), we will have Game 3 of the NLCS: where the Cardinals try to outslug the Brewers; the pitching hasn't yet been there for either team.

Brewers lineup:

YAY Baseball!