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Tigers Avoid Near-Insurmountable 3-0 Hole, Roar Back to Cut ALCS to 2-1

Oh, phew.

We have ourselves a series, folks. Even speaking from an unbiased objective standpoint, it's in everyone's best interest for a fun and exciting series, not a lopsided slam dunk. The last thing I want is for the Rangers to waltz into the World Series, and thanks to the Tigers, they may have to wait a bit longer than planned.

Colby Lewis was fantastic last week in the ALDS, but tonight he allowed four runs, including two home runs off of the bats of Victor Martinez and Jhonny Peralta. Four was twice the cushion that Doug Fister needed, because he only allowed two in 7.1 innings sparkling innings of work. He's really turning into a special kind of pitcher, and frankly, I'm glad Fister is out of the AL West.

We've got two more games scheduled for tomorrow: Texas at Detroit at 1:19 PDT on FOX, followed by Milwaukee at St. Louis at 4:05 PDT on TBS.