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It's A Wrap: Texas Goes Up 2-0, Cards Tie it at 1

ALCS (Texas 7, Detroit 3; Texas leads 2-0)

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it's not very often that you will see a score of 7-3 put up by the home team in extra innings. Texas scored the maximum amount of runs possible on Nelson Cruz' walk-off grand slam, ending a truly amazing game, and putting Detroit in a hole going home. Most of this game's action happened early; Texas put up two in the first; Detroit would take the lead in the third with three of their own. All was quiet (if not tension-filled) until the 7th, when Nelson Cruz tied the game at 3 with his first homerun of the game. The game would go to the eleventh inning, when it was decided by your typical single, single, single, grand slam. Good for Nelson Cruz. I love him.

NLDS (Cardinals 12; Brewers 3, Series tied at 1)

The Cardinals decided that they needed to out-slug the Brewers, and they knew they had better come up with more runs than the other night. Neither pitcher made it out of the fifth inning, but the Cardinals scored two runs in three innings, four in one inning, and two single runs for a total of 12. That would be enough. This series is tied.

We have one game tomorrow; more ALCS action as Detroit tries to rally.