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AN - Best Posts of 2010

Inspired by an SB Nation conversation where each site nominated their favorite post or story of the year, I thought I'd would open the floor for what we liked best from 2010. Since it was the year where the now-famous CT overflow game threads were introduced, we must have a favorite quote tucked away somewhere, right?

Some personal favorites from last year include Nico's story "Out At Home: The Glenn Burke Story" Is A Tragic Tale Worth Seeing, which inspired one of the most thought-provoking, interesting, multi-faceted discussions I think I've ever read on AN. Seriously, I've read that thread multiple times and I find something new with each read.

Of course I may be completely biased, but you can always sell me on the 'Twas the night before Christmas. Thank you OptimistPrime for the best one I've read on AN.

And sign me up for the "I'm intrigued by your ideas and I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter" for pretty much everything that danmerqury writes. Tuesday has become the day where I learn something new about baseball and I couldn't love it any more. Individual favorites include the Vertical Spray Chart For Batters, Fun With Hit Tracker Online and Home Runs, Statistically Significant: UZR, Batter's Eye: Dallas Braden's Changeup, and Constructing an Optimal Lineup.

What was your favorite Athletics Nation moment of 2010? Favorite story, post, in-game moment? Since I missed a good portion of the summer, I'd love to be updated.