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The Lineup That Matters: AN's Front Page

Since there's a lull in the action, let me post now what I had planned to announce this weekend and that is the front page lineup you will see beginning February 1st (until we switch everything around constantly to where you have no idea who is really supposed to be doing what when).

Ready? Set? ... Jump!

The only casualty of the 2011 season is "jeffro," whose new job (what is with these people having jobs???) is forcing him to take a leave of absence. I certainly hope he'll be back and prefer to look at this as AN's version of "Tommy John surgery," which is when the lowercase "k" is grafted onto your capital "R" and you often come back typing faster but with less control of your content.

There are two additions, one more familiar to AN than the other. Joining the front page team is "Community Prospect List" creator, and rosterbator extraordinaire, Zonis. Also joining, initially as a "super utility fill-in," is Dave Gershman, who writes for Beyond the Boxscore and projects to have a WAR just a tick below danmerqury.

We at AN believe that lineup order does matter, so please appreciate how carefully we have crafted this season's lineup:

Monday: We lead off with emperor nobody, who is not a moderator and thus has very little power.

Tuesday: Batting second is danmerqury, whose posts are rarely off base, making him an "on base machine." I've also watched him decorate and am pleased to report that I have observed very little bunting.

Wednesday: Hitting 3rd is baseballgirl, because I'm pretty sure "The Book" says you should have the same person batting 3rd and 5th.

Thursday: I'm batting clean-up because that's where your highest paid player is supposed to hit. Or maybe it's your prima donna. Who has time to read carefully?

Friday: Hitting 5th is baseballgirl, as we alternate genders artfully to make things more difficult for an opposing blog's bullpen.

Saturday: Batting 6th is Zonis, where he can feel less pressure and "not try to do too much" in his rookie season.

Sunday: Batting last is 67MARQUEZ, because well...No need to say more.

Welcome Zonis, welcome Dave Gershman, come back soon jeffro, and GO A'S!!!