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Look How Far Athletics Nation Has Come

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Sometime today you're going to see an advertisement appear on AN and it will list a hotel in Arizona as the official spring training hotel of Athletics Nation. That will be the Hyatt Place Mesa. While it might just appear to be another ad on AN, the truth is that this hotel is owned by the A's owner Lew Wolff. I just wanted to say that Lew loves this community and directed his business people to get in touch with SB Nation's ad sales people because of how much respect he has for what we've built here.

To me it speaks volumes about what AN has come to mean in the bigger scheme of things because even though I know Lew loves AN, he doesn't throw his money towards efforts that he doesn't think will work. I want to thank Lew for showing AN support through granting interviews over the years, and to also thank him for supporting the community in a different way now. Hopefully if you're going to spring training, you'll take a second to consider the Hyatt Place Mesa - it has a great rating on Trip Advisor which is what my wife and I usually use when we're planning travel.

Oh and for those of you concerned about that changing things around here, we're still editorially independent and we will remain that way. So those of you who still don't like Lew are more than welcome to express that feeling in a constructive fashion.