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Crowdsource Analysis: Barton's Reverse Splits

A couple weeks ago, baseballgirl posted a story on Daric Barton's odd reverse platoon splits. In the comments, Danny mentioned that it could be interesting to see a PitchFX display between right-handed pitchers and left-handed ones, and how they differ in pitching to Daric. Here we go. (Click for a much bigger version.)


First off, a huge, HUGE thanks to vignette17 for grabbing the 6000+ pieces of data in these plots off of the MLB Gameday servers.

These plots show the location of every single pitch thrown to Daric Barton that was recorded by the PitchFX cameras in his entire career. Keep in mind that unlike the PitchFX plots I usually do, these don't show pitch movement, but pitch location, from the point of view of the catcher. But where do we go from here? I really have no idea what to think. Are those patterns normal? Is Barton just better than the average lefty at hitting LHP? Is it a small sample size mirage?

So I turn to you, the readers and commenters. What do you make of this? I'm stumped.