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"Broad Side Of Barn" Strategy FTW!

For the second game in a row, the A's plan appeared to be to have their starting pitcher throw very few strikes, walk too many Angels' hitters, not give up any runs, and win. And it worked, again.

Trevor Cahill's 6 innings took a career high 116 pitches because he walked 6, threw only 60 strikes, and had to rent an extra storage shed to house all the runners he was trying to strand. Yet Cahill stranded all, allowed none to score, and picked up his 15th win. Only Torii Hunter solo HR off Craig Breslow in the 8th put the Angels on the board in the series.

As for the A's offense, they had just enough two-out magic: A Jack Cust RBI single in the 1st ("I knew he would strickout!!! I knew it!!!"), a Cliff Pennington RBI single in the 2nd, and a Mark Ellis RBI single in the 6th, all with two outs, helping Jered Weaver to drop to 0-3 against the A's this season.

Coupled with the Rangers getting shellacked by Jim Thome and the Twins today, the A's are 8 games out at day's end. If Texas has a Padres-level losing streak in them, maybe the A's can make the AL West interesting again. It's up to Oakland, because the Angels' offense is "A's-like" these days, and this is the worst the Angels have looked as a team since I can remember.