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Can't Clinch? Cantu! Jorge's HR Gives Rangers The AL West

Congratulations to the Texas Rangers, AL West champions in 2010 after Jorge Cantu's solo HR broke a 3-3 tie in the 8th -- just Cantu's second RBI since joining Texas. His first came earlier today.

I mean my congratulations sincerely. You are not the Angels, and it's about time someone other than LAA won the AL West. You were the only team even remotely capable of winning 11 games in a row at any point, as the other three teams in the division were stunningly mediocre if they weren't downright horrible. You have speed and power and pitching, which makes you a complete team. You chose a manager with fire and leadership and then won for him.

Well done, Rangers, and please knock off the Yankees should you see them in the playoffs -- but enjoy the division title, because the A's intend for 2011 to be different. Moar hitterz, please!