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CC's One-Hitter Completes Four-Game Sweep, A's Head Home

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From Gameday:

(Top of the 2nd) Mark Ellis singles on a ground ball to right fielder Austin Kearns. None out.

Well, there's your highlight from the game! It was the only hit in Sabathia's 8 innings against the A's (he would walk three). The A's would managed some baserunners throughout the game, even getting a runner as far as third base with one out, but as per usual in this series, the A's couldn't score when they needed to. Or at all.

The game started as a pretty good pitchers' duel, as CC and Dallas battled in a 1-0 affair until Braden left the game with heat exhaustion? cramps? in the sixth inning. The bullpen combination of Blevins, Wuertz, Rodriguez and James gave up four more runs, just so the A's wouldn't lose 1-0.

CC would put runner on in the first, second, third, and fifth, and two on in the eighth, but the A's could do nothing with the runners they were given, very quietly dropping the fourth game of the series.

Let's hope they play better against the Angels. Tomorrow night 7:05.