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Cahill Gives Up Grand Slam; Squanders A's 3-0 Lead

Please don't kick me off the site. I'm currently watching the Giants/Dodgers game just for the sheer entertainment value of the NL West, which is pretty much the opposite of the AL West. Can you blame me, really?

Staked to an early 3-0 lead; a promising start for his 17th win, Trevor Cahill surrendered the worst hit in baseball--a grand slam--to all but end the game with a Royals' win.

The A's dropped two on the Royals in the first inning on singles by Crisp, Ellis, and Suzuki. Matt Carson would homer in the second for the A's third run, but the early scoring would be it for the A's.

Cahill did not appear to enjoy the early 3-0 lead; in the fourth inning, he allowed a double, an infield single, and a walk to load the bases, bringing up Wilson Betemit. After a battle with Cahill, Betemit hit a grand slam, and just like that, the game was over.

Cahill would give up two more on a Billy Butler homerun in the fifth, so the game score would finish 6-3. Cahill's line would end at 5 IP, 6 ER. Blevins, Rodriguez, and Mazzaro would finish the game without further incident, but the A's offense just couldn't come back.

And Chris Carter still doesn't have a hit (although he did hit a ball very far foul).

We do it again on Friday night; A's will visit the Twins.

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3 game series vs Twins @ Target Field

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